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which forks ?

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which forks ? Empty which forks ?

Post  chambo 2007-08-03, 10:29

peeps advice needed please !! looking for some new forks for my hardtail , not sure whether to buy new or 2nd hand off ebay? good idea or not ?? also where do u measure from for the steerer tube length ? and finally what are gonna be a decent fork for my needs , travel etc ? any advice much appreciated many thanks dudes and dudettes !!bounce

Deore LX
Deore LX

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which forks ? Empty Re: which forks ?

Post  N@th 2007-08-03, 14:38

Chambo......good to see other people are spanking money on parts, not just Andy !!

Steerer measurement is from the top of the crown, basically where the steerer tube comes out of the crown. Should be anything between 170mm - 230mm.

Forks: I can give you some advice on forks for riding around Woburn.

I would look to get something around 100mm travel, as a) your bike geometry would prob only suit something up to 100mm, and b) you prob won't need anything more for the than 100mm on the XC trails around Woburn. Also with 100mm you will also have a little extra for weekend trails to Wales etc.

100mm travel forks are the most popular on the market, so there are loads to choose from. You can go nice and plush with Fox, if you have the cash to splash, or a bullet proof, fit and forget fork like Rockshox.

The Rockshox 100mm fork that has taken MTB'm by storm is the Reba. (Rockshow have sold more Rebas than ALL of the Fox range put together this year!!)

I have had 2 x Reba's and also a Fox, and I must say the Reba is in a different league. The Fox forks are great.....when they are set up. But I found every ride on the Talas was different, it wasn't consistent, and I was constantly fiddling with it. Whereas a Reba you just set up and leave it.........this is just my opinion obviously there will be others. !

With the Reba you get 4 x different types, all with varrying options and weights.

It goes:

Reba SL
Reba Race
Reba Team
Reba World Cup

TBH there is only about 170g between the bottom to the top, and a few little extra options you prob wont need anyhow. I would look for a Reba SL or a Race. Have a look on merlin cycles or wiggle.

If the budget doesn't stretch to £250 - £300. Then look at the Tora range. Sam elowers etc, but not magnesium, so a little heavier. But still a great fork that you can fit, brutally kill it, then get it serviced 2 years later !!!

Ref buying forks off of Ebay. I have done, and would do again. But always only buy forks that are not more than 12 months old. As you never know if users have had them sevices etc.If you get a pair cheap, and then find they need a service, you might as well bought a new pair !!

Also before looking on Ebay, have a gander on

Happy hunting.

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