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Post  Colin_Locke78 2013-05-10, 11:45

Hi there.. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I couldn't find the answer by searching.

I'm a roadie, about to venture further in to MTBing. I'm about to sack off my £300 piece of crap I barely ever use and get something more suitable! Searching for some decent trails near to me (Wellingborough), Woburn sands sees like an ideal local place, and far more challenging than Irchester Park!

Cyclone were recommended on a number of forums.. Do you do any club runs there (or elsewhere not too far afield)? If so, when? I 'd be interested to tag along one ride with a view to joining your club...

Thanks for your help...



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Post  woody1200 2013-05-11, 02:48

Hi Colin
We meet at 10 at the top of sandy lane/church lane there is a car park there on sunday and we do one hour ride and come back there for 11 and then we do a 2 or 3 more and stop of at the cafe..
Hope to see you up there . Woody
Chris King Ti Racer 800
Chris King Ti Racer 800

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