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Cyclone Christmas Party - 15 December - ***UPDATE***

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Cyclone Christmas Party - 15 December - ***UPDATE*** Empty Cyclone Christmas Party - 15 December - ***UPDATE***

Post  Big Gav 2012-11-19, 11:04

Hi Everyone

It's only a month away so I thought I'd give you an update on our Xmas Do!

I have had a few confirmations but also wanted to add that the cost for this is £30 p/h. I did mention in previous correspondence that it was more but I can confirm the price is less than previously published;

In terms of names and numbers I have the following;

Little Gav
Mark Peacock
`Tin Tin`
Pinky (Gwen)
Linda Shaw
Linda Hall
Big Gav

Gilly & I are taking deposits; we require £10.
Full payment must be made on or before our last Club Night of the Year; Tues 4 December.

Please, please, please don't drag your heels!

The night will consist of some freebies from Cyclone which will include some wine and/or alcohol!

If you are vegetarian The Manor can provide you with a bespoke meal;

If you have any questions just give me a bell. Cheers, Gav
07807 294 752 / 01908 611 081

Big Gav

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Cyclone Christmas Party - 15 December - ***UPDATE*** Empty Re: Cyclone Christmas Party - 15 December - ***UPDATE***

Post  Tin Tin 2012-12-07, 13:44

Not going to make this, sorry guys Crying or Very sad
Tin Tin
Tin Tin

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