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Horse on trails

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Horse on trails Empty Horse on trails

Post  woody1200 2011-12-07, 08:29

i find that the best way to deal with horse is to stop and let them make up there mind whot thay want to do
i think that BCF can only do so much to Keep the trails safe for one and all Surprised
British Cycling

Just had an email from a horse rider who has recently had a negative encounter with a group of cyclists. She gave us this top tip: Cyclists passing horses should slow down to walking pace and alert the horse/rider of their presence. Horses are prey animals and regard quiet, fasting moving groups as predators. Both horse riders and cyclists are vulnerable road users – we share Rights of Way with each other and mutual respect goes a long way. Here’s what the Highway Code says:​TravelAndTransport/Highwaycode/​DG_069858

Road users requiring extra care (204-225) : Directgov - Travel and transport
Driving safely around older pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and other vulnerable road users
Chris King Ti Racer 800
Chris King Ti Racer 800

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Horse on trails Empty Re: Horse on trails

Post  Little Gav 2011-12-07, 13:59

Did you get that BG?

Little Gav
Little Gav
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