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Post  speedy_daz 2010-05-31, 09:54

We saw the best and the worst of Afan weather in two days, I got 2 sunny rides as I took the extra day Smile

I forced myself to an early start on Friday and after a nice easy cruise down I was at Cwmcarn and heading up the first climb at 9am in glorious sunshine. I haven't done Cwmcarn for a while and forgot how technical some of the climb is certainly takes your mind of the height that you are gaining.
I took the easy route down at the top as I was alone and there wasn't another sole about it was very temping to have a look at the ladder drops though!
I had a nice steady run down only stopping for the motorbike gate things need to practices long times descending without stopping as going to more downs than up in the alps .
The last section at cwmcarn is still my favorite really fast sweeping bends and crests just enough to get the bike going light.
I was back at the carpark for 10am so guess I done a good pace

Arrived Afan intime for lunch opted for the Jacket spud as I still have memories of little snacks like the beans on toast.
I chose whites level to ride in the afternoon, was I really in wales the sun was still shining?
The trails were just so dry can't remember seeing Afan so dry the past few visits have been in November though!
Im a lot fitter than when I rode Afan last I went for the BG style of climbing in the middle ring and I was up the first climb before I knew it I was expecting another section of up but I was at the top of the black run before I knew it . I steady ride down the black run the last section still a bit scary but I think its a bit tamer than it used tobe.
I had a bit of a scary moment on the last decent got a bit over enthusiastic at one point (way too quick). I came across a secton a lot took quick for comfort lucky I managed to point the bike in the right direction and it done it thing and I kept it rubber side down.
I made it back safely for a post ride beer and an evening in the dropoff with a few more beers to keep the first one company.

Saturday dawned Yep Im in Wales its biblical wet Im not sure if it was all rain or just low cloud all I can say it was wet!
It was temped to spend the time wating for the others in the cafe but I headed up the mountain, things weren't much better up there infact a lot worst, I was planning to do some of the skyline but at the top of the climb visabilty was almost nil with the cloud and rain. I decided to stick to the trail I know better so took the whiles level without the black section.

I had a bit of lunch and waited for the others to arrive the weather hadn't improved Afan Icon_razz Only a little faffing and most were ready other than Verbal who was a little late so the others started without us so we could catch them up.
I think I wore Otick out a little bit on the climb as he was quiet all the way up!
I was expected to catch the others on the climb or at least the climb out of the energy section but they were nowhere to be seen.
On the climb there has been a short cut put into the last decent on the skyline trail I though maybe they had taking this route thinking it was a shortcut to the top!
We arrived back at he cafe still no sign of anyone else an hour later they turned up, they had done the black section of the white level so we had passed them then while they had been doing that. Well done to otick for doing whites in less than two hours though there was a little spill on the northshore though maybe he can compare notes with filthy.

As most were staying down in Neath we ventured down there for the evening meal. Things very busy and some not liking indian or chinese Afan Icon_razz we ended up a witherspoons food was ok but a bit loud and brash for most of us.
For those that have seen the TV progams on the binge drinking culture in the uk Neath is really like that on a Saturday evening ! come to think it was like that Sunday evening too, was it 3 or 4 fights we saw in two evenings?

Im tired now and have a BBQ to go to some else can do the rest of the report Razz
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Post  Verbal 2010-06-03, 17:03

that was a great ride m8

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