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i just cant get used to them!

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i just cant get used to them! Empty i just cant get used to them!

Post  Julian 2008-06-05, 14:40

with me bike came some shimano peddles? lock in cleats or somthing? so i went out n bought myself some shoes to fit the cleats on and give it a shot.

I cant for the life of me get used to them, might fo out n get some nice flat peddles with some nice fat soft shoes. or should i keep trying. I only say this becuase the other day i stopped outsite my house and forgot my feet were clipped in and could do anything about it but fall over with my bike. Razz


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i just cant get used to them! Empty Re: i just cant get used to them!

Post  N@th 2008-06-06, 02:33

Stick with em son !!

You can adjust all Shiamno SPDs, this will make it easier for you to unclip. There should be a 3mm allen bolt on each side of the pedal.

Also you can get different cleats, that allow you to release either way out of the pedal instead of outwards. The standard ones (SH51 / 52 ) are black, the multi release ones are silver. Found here@ Shimano SH56 here

Try these before turning to'll regret half way up Puke Hill !!!
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