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BLOOMING school run

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BLOOMING school run Empty BLOOMING school run

Post  superflyjim 2006-11-16, 02:40

Hi Guys n Girls,

Just dropping a line today to tell you about a near miss I had the other day.
(Oh unusual i hear you cry!!!)

Yes it involes a school, badly parked cars,and a child appearing from between the badly parked cars.

Why oh why do people have to double park there blooming cars outside schools especially outside Portfields school in Newport which is a bad enough road as it is.They were even parked on/upto the mini roundabout!??!

I then have the bad luck of a lil un appearing in front of me,thank god for ABS.How the hell I missed him I don't know.....I think I was more shocked then the lil trooper that stepped out in front of me.

Neadless to say i had a few choice words for the arseholes that had parked their cars badly.

Thing is I drove past there yesturday,thinking that maybe after seeing a close shave like that, that people might have woken up to the fact that they need to park there cars better. More the fool me,it was even worse!!!

Hey Iain is there any chance you could get someone from Traffic over there to issue some tickets??? As it would be in the intrest of public safety.
XTR and a pair of Crossmax SLR's
XTR and a pair of Crossmax SLR's

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BLOOMING school run Empty Re: BLOOMING school run

Post  Andy 2006-11-16, 06:10

I know some contacts if you need to speak to someone Jim. Otherwise Trisha's now on Five so get her number. . . Alternatively use your bike as you can dodge the traffic and get a tag-a-long for the sprog! lol!
XTR and a pair of Crossmax SLR's
XTR and a pair of Crossmax SLR's

Number of posts : 381
Age : 45
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