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Post  speedy_daz 2007-04-15, 14:41

Camping at Builth Wells for the merida marathon so made the journey down to the trail at Brechfa.
I made it an early morning job as the temperature was due to rise and i didn't want to over do things the day before the marathon.
I left the trail head carpark at 7.30 am (suprisingly I was the only one there)
The trail started with a fire road climb with a few bits of single track but nothing too special a bit boring to be honest and it did drag on abit.
On reaching the first summit the view was really great and the trail even better!
Loads of berms, tabletops doubles and some interesting stump jumps where the old tree stumps have been cut in such away that you can roll or jump over them.
Then it was back onto a fireroad climb a bit of a grueler as the temperature was starting to rise now.
Another singletrack desent with more berms, humps bumps scary fast in places!
The last full climb was another fireroad with a bit of singletrack I nearly had a fall on one of the switch back turns.
The final decent was pretty mind blowing. Really steep fast huge berms I really struggled to keep the speed under control with quite a few braking bumps coming into the corners where others have had the same problems.
A really good trail but the climbing does drag on a bit but the decents are breath taking, dare I say very much like Scotland
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