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Post  Julian 2013-05-31, 10:53

Hello guys, Some people may remember me. (Hello Caroline hope you are well) Anyways i kind of vanished a few years ago after having a good few rides out with you guys.

(Think i still owe someone for a shirt) hehe.

Anyways long story short. Got seriously ill a few years ago which explains my disappearance. funny enough explains my total lack of stamina on my last ride out with you guys haha! I'm a lot better now and may be looking to take up riding again in the near future. I'm assuming you lot are still doing the same sorta thing?

Might see you all soon!



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Hello! Empty Re: Hello!

Post  Gilly 2013-06-08, 03:40

Hi Julian,

Its always nice to welcome back old members.

We still meet at 10am, usual place on a sunday.

We also have a face book page which is cyclone MBC, which is used much more than this forum (hence the delay in my responding). Most of our members refer to that first for events etc.

Anyway, hope to see you in the woods soon.


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