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Cycling on the footpaths

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Cycling on the footpaths Empty Cycling on the footpaths

Post  Wobbler 2012-08-13, 09:04

When I split from the main group this Sunday to return to the car park due to a dragging rear brake I met a woodsman on the trail back from the rollercoaster to the church. Apparently a walker was injured recently by a biker along that stretch so they are having a bit of a clampdown on riding on the trails we aren't meant to be riding on. He was very nice about it but warned that if it carried on they might have to rethink bike access. Apparently they also had to call the police recently to clear cars that were blocking access around the jump park when some of the the bikers there refused to move their cars to the proper car park Shocked
Just a heads up really, not sure what we can do about it since without some of the paths it will be hard to link up the areas.


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Cycling on the footpaths Empty Re: Cycling on the footpaths

Post  woody1200 2012-08-13, 09:34

What a Face
hi there are some norrow Parth that we go down i do try to stay on the Bridalway but there are Place es we you do go onto a Path lik the one on to By the Church as we go tothe rollacoster this on is on Video of the DayII..
we have to see What Happens
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