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27 (or even 30) vs 20 - anyone swapped?

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27 (or even 30) vs 20 - anyone swapped? Empty 27 (or even 30) vs 20 - anyone swapped?

Post  ian 2011-09-05, 10:58


First post, so be gentle bounce

Currently running a hard tail with 3x9 (44,32,22 and 11/32) but I've just bought a Giant Anthem X Advanced SL full sus frame set that I will build into a lightweight XC bike over the winter.

So, one option I'm considering is running a 40, 28 chainring setup with an 11-36 cassette. I don't use the 44 that much on the hard tail, likewise hardly ever 22 with 32 either.

Anybody out there made a similar move? I'm not super fit but am improving fitness so I'd be interested in any informed views.

Ta in advance.


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27 (or even 30) vs 20 - anyone swapped? Empty Re: 27 (or even 30) vs 20 - anyone swapped?

Post  Kurt 2011-11-25, 15:22

Hi Ian

I guess it was you that arrived on Sunday, just as I was leaving. Nice bike!

I've often fancied the idea of changing to 2x10, so will also be interested to hear how you get on. I guess the standard mech and shifters can be used, just by adjusting the limit screws accordingly??

Kurt Cool

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