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Sunday 5th

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Sunday 5th Empty Sunday 5th

Post  N@th 2006-11-05, 06:29

Good ride today guys. Didn't fancy getting up at 07:30 and meeting Jase and Iain, but managed to catch them at 08:30.

Nice bike Iain, and you weren't blowing half as much as I had expected Very Happy

Rob, Ed, I think I clocked 16.7m on the GPS, but I think I lost it for at least 3. So around 20miles. I plotted the route on the software, and it looked chaotic !!!.

It was good to see another newcomer to the woods, Laura braved the cold and rode with us at 10:00. I think for her first time off road in the woods she did very well!! GOOD WORK!!

Hope we didn't put you off with the hills and pace, and hope you can pop along again. It will get easier and more enjoyable. Very Happy

Riding Wednesday at 20:00 if anyone interested.

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Chris King Ultimate Racer

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