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18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599

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18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 Empty 18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599

Post  motormadj 2011-04-16, 07:19

£1500 cash on collection.

AS NEW ,18" 2010!!! Kona Dawg Supreme Mountain Bike

I am selling my 18" 2010 Kona Dawg Supreme, I hadn't had it long when the original frame had small bits of paint flake off, so the old frame was replaced under warranty, but none of the 2009 [old green frame] were available, so, it was replaced with the NEW 2010! frame!

The RRP for the 2009 bike was about £3599.00 so, plus the new and improved 2010 frame and shock its a BARGAIN!!

It comes with all the original paper work and 2 stems, a long and short stem, so you can change depending on your preference.

The components on the bike are extremely good as you would expect and now combined with the brand new 2010 frame and shock, the bike is a real top notch machine able to combine cross country agility with all-mountain (all-day) comfort and performance.

The bike is now unique and this model and spec isnt available from any shop because the new 2010 frame is only being sold as a frame as far as I know.

18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134909
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134905
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134856
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134857
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134906
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134907
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134858
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134853
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134852
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134902
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134903
18" 2010!! Kona Dawg Supreme - AS NEW - £1500 - RRP £3599 B_134905

Very Happy


Light but strong, tough but graceful, with a new 1.5-inch tapered headtube for increased stability and more aggressive geometry for technical trail riding. Kona's signature do-it-all Scandium All Mountain frame.

Scandium Tubing
Over the past 10 years Kona has invested heavily in Scandium technology. Known to be one of the lightest and strongest metals in the world, with superior riding characteristics, it's no surprise we use Scandium throughout our entire line of bicycles.

Scandium is a potent grain refiner that, when added to aluminum alloys, elevates the strength and durability of the material by 50%. It accomplishes this by aligning the grains of the alloy, making the metal less susceptible to failure.

First used by the Russians in Cold War missile fins and Mig fighter jets, it's Scandium's strength and durability that makes it so attractive a material when it comes to building bicycles.

Scandium alloy is twice as strong as 6061 or 7005 aluminum, allowing our engineers to use much less material. In turn, the ride characteristics are similar to steel. And we love the compliancy and overall feel of steel. Not to mention, we're ? shaving weight from our aluminum frames by 10-to-15% .

Light as titanium!
More durable than carbon!
Half the weight of steel!
Five times stronger than aluminum!
Fast as light!
Lifetime warranty!

Hydroformed Tubing
Hydroformed tubing is a forming technology that uses a liquid to form the shape of a tube and align its grain structure. At Kona we use hydroformed tubing on a variety of our bicycles. Quite simply, the technology delivers on sound structure and ride performance like no other tubing in the world. The process results in a seamless, continuous, aligned piece of metal-right down to the fiber structure itself.

Hydroforming proves especially advantageous at weld points where it can be flared to increase weld areas, essentially, adding strength without adding weight. The result is a strong, flawless frame with great lateral stability, durability and responsiveness.

Kona Walking Beam 4-Bar Linkage System
Since Kona first introduced the platform in 1996, we've been refining and honing the most functional, durable and performance-oriented dual suspension platforms ever invented. That's why you see versions of our 4-Bar linkage on everything from the Hei Hei XC Race bike to our DH Stab Supreme.

Function and Durability
Anytime you have a pivot in anything, there is side-to-side movement, or tolerance. It's what allows the pivot to move freely. When you have pivots that are close together, like in more complicated multi-pivot designs, the side-to-side movement in those pivots becomes amplified, what's called tolerance stacking. Kona's 4-Bar system keeps pivots as far away from each other as possible, thus minimizing tolerance stacking. Ultimately, it equates a stiffer rear end, as well a significant decrease in bearing and bushing wear.

Another benefit of our 4-Bar system is minimized side load on the rear shock. If you've got close pivot points and/or the shock positioned so that it is exposed to lateral forces, you've got side load on the shock. Side load causes resistance, which negatively impacts suspension performance. Side load also causes premature seal failures.

With our 4-Bar system the rear shock is protected from side-to-side forces. As a result, we have a super low rate of shock problems, as well as a very responsive feel to the rear suspension.

4-Bar allows for a rainbow of different suspension characteristics, after all, this is the suspension platform used for F1 racecars. For XC bikes, we can take an inherently progressive air shock and make the suspension more linear, allowing the rider to benefit from all of the bike's travel. For downhill bikes, like our Stab, an inherently linear coil shock can be set-up to be more progressive for big hits.

Plush Factor
Void of gimmicks, with pivots, bearings and the shock itself well supported, Kona's Walking Beam 4-Bar Linkage System delivers that beautiful, super plush feel we all crave as mountain bikers. Whether it's taking the edge of a technical XC race course, the burl out of a backcountry all-day epic, or smoothing the brake bumps at your local bike park, our 4-Bar suspension designs deliver bomber plushness, ride in, ride out.

Sloping Top Tube
As the pioneer of sloping top tubes in mountain bike frame design, we've since stayed true to all the many positives this design technology brings to the trail.

First, it allows the top tube to be longer, providing more room for correct positioning and free body movement. Second, it also allows for more standover clearance, critical on dual suspension bikes due to a higher bottom bracket. Vertically, the frame is more compliant, allowing it to absorb more shock than frames with horizontal top tubes. It also puts the rider in a more secure position for downhill sections of trail.

Magnesium Rockers
Magnesium is the perfect metal for use in applications where stiffness and weight are crucial. At Kona, many of our rear suspension rocker plates are made of magnesium for improved suspension performance, efficiency and low weight.

Internal Headset
By having the headset bearing located inside the heat tube, rather than the top and bottom, you're able to achieve a whole array of advantages when it comes to front end stiffness and overall performance. With an internal headset, the head tube is able to take the stress directly, resulting in less play, stronger, improved ride characteristics, and better bearing performance. Basically, like a good friend, an internal headset is sharing the load, every molecule in the materials taking the load more equally.

Asymmetrical Chainstays
Unbeknownst to most of us, when we torque on the pedals, not only are we propelling the bike forward, we're also pulling the rear wheel over to the drivetrain side of the bicycle. It is the one element of bike design that's not in perfect balance.

Asymmetrical stays help to stiffen the rear end. The drive-side stay is straight, while the non-drive takes advantage of no chain rings and chain, incorporating a better structure to improve rear end stiffness. By putting strength where it is needed, pedaling stiffness is greatly increased.

Supplied with Fox RP23 Shock with 3 position pro pedal.

Component SPEC:

Fox 32 Float RL 140mm with 15mm Dropouts
Front Derailleur:
Shimano XT
Rear Derailleur:
Shimano XTR Shadow [carbon fibre]
Shimano XT
Shimano XT
44/32/22 tooth chainrings
Bottom Bracket:
Shimano XT
Shimano XT (11-32 tooth range, 9 speed)
Shimano LX
Front Brake:
Shimano XT Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake:
Shimano XT Hydraulic Disc
Brake Levers:
Shimano XT Hydraulic [fully adjustable reach etc]
Kona XC/BC Deluxe Riser
Kona LOG
Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset
Front Hub:
Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset
Rear Hub:
Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset
Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset
Front Tyre:
Maxxis Ignitor 26x2.35 Kevlar
Rear Tyre:
Maxxis Ignitor 26x2.35 Kevlar
WTB Rocket V SLT
Kona XC/BC Deluxe
Seat Binder:
Kona QR

£1500 cash on collection.


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