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So tired...

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So tired... Empty So tired...

Post  Wilco (aka Virgil) 2011-04-06, 07:25

My reasonably well looked after 2003 Giant XTC4 has started to moan, groan and rattle a bit over the last few weekends and I'm aware that, after 8 years of use, some parts need replacing/upgrading.

This is a very subjective question, but I would be interested in your thoughts as to whether:
  1. It's worth building on this frame?
  2. I should buy a newer frame to build upon?
  3. Just buy a new bike with better/newer spec?

Any comments/opinions are welcome.
Wilco (aka Virgil)
Wilco (aka Virgil)

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So tired... Empty Re: So tired...

Post  Tom 2011-04-06, 15:23

Any of the above! ;-)

So my thoughts on each are:
1. If the frame and the majority of the components are sound. Once you start having to replace forks as well as the chain set, consider a new bike.
2. If you have your eye on a fancy frame, or if your ebay skills are good. If your current bike is wearing out, you'll probably find that many components are too tired or the wrong size for a new frame, so be wary about assuming you can swap components over.
3. I admit I like someone else to build my bike, but then I'm lazy. Cutting hoses, steerer tubes, working out BB widths, are faffy and error prone.

That's just my take though, it depends on your mechanical skills and ebay / bargain finding skills though! 1 and 3 are my preferred options. I've done 2, but wouldn't again unless I was after something special.


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