Bee Alert!

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Bee Alert!

Post  MKSteve on 2009-05-20, 01:15

Hey all!

Thought I'd let you know to be cautious over in the backwoods area, near where the northshore was.

A friend of my fiance was attacked by bees while out ridding a horse. The bees attaked without any apparent provocation, and were very agressive and persistant. They were still attacking the horse over a mile later back at the stabe, causing many stings and an unwanted vets bill for me and my otherhaf.

Rider was thrown from the horse and stung a few times as the bees swarmed her, but by the sounds of it managed to get off quite lightly considering how bad it could have been.

Take care peeps. If you have eppy (sp?) pens and stuff, make sure you don't forget 'em!



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