Membership Due

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Membership Due

Post  fizzmo on 2009-02-11, 02:22

Howdy folks,

Membership money is now due for the year.

Existing members £15.
New members £20

*note this is the first price change since the club began 12 years ago..

In a radical departure from previous years, we will not be issuing membership cards as the growing size of the club makes this very time consuming. Instead we have invested in snazzy branded merchandise to be attached to your camelbacks/keys that indicates you are a payed up member of the club for this year.

Similar to the red bands on bikes, these yellow keyrings will be recognised by the park rangers and are less 'copyable'. They will change colour every year.

The local bike shops where we have existing discount arrangements - Phil Corleys, Roy Pinks & Evans will be given a keyring which will replace the previous membership card identification.

Please send a cheque payable to 'Cyclone MBC' to this (specially coded) address…

“ 26 E4gle Dr1ve Fl1twick M K 4 5 1 S N “

(Obviously you’ve to replace the numbers with letters when you actually write on the envelope..)

We will give you a keyring when we next see you..


Kind Regards,

Thank you to the people who have already paid, I'm still waiting on a LOT of cheques for the rest of you.... Rolling Eyes

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Re: Membership Due

Post  Martin on 2009-02-11, 05:17

Hope to be riding Sunday so will give you cash for Pinky and I then. If you or we arn't there will put in post to you.


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